Traditionally, one of the most helpful ideas to renovate the house is to paint it says Charleston SC painters. In Charleston, homeowners generally consider painting only when there is a special occasion just around the corner. But there is a discipline that you must follow, which is why it is important to understand how often you need to paint your house.


How often should you paint your home


The interior does not need painting as frequently as the exterior, requiring more frequent repairs due to weather conditions. Next, we will establish the necessary painting times for each area of ​​your home.




Hallway walls can have a lot of wear and tear. These areas are used and abused thousands of times. If the paint used is washable and of high quality, these walls can be washed occasionally. In our experience, hallways are painted more frequently than most other areas of the home, probably every 2-3 years.




The beauty of the walls of an adult bedroom usually lasts longer. Rooms generally don’t see as much activity and don’t require frequent painting. The obvious exception is paintings in children’s rooms. For children, the walls become a space for scribbling. It is a good idea to use high-quality paint with a higher gloss. These paints can be cleaned frequently and last longer.


Living and dining room


The paint in these rooms tends to last longer, even though they are used fairly frequently. Even though these rooms are usually filled with more formal activities that prevent wear and tear, better paint and decor are expected to be used in these areas as they are used to display the decor of a home. The living room is the crown of your home that makes everything look aesthetic. The decision to repaint these rooms is often accompanied by a complete or significant change in decor and style. For all these reasons, painting every 5 or 7 years is very common.


Kitchen and bathrooms


The kitchen and bathrooms have much more damage to the walls than in the living room or dining room, so you may need to refresh them more often. These are the busiest rooms, so they have great potential to be ruined. Especially in the kitchen, you should have a paint that can be washed regularly.

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