Since our living space is a reflection of who we are, we shouldn't ignore its appearance. Having a beautiful Charleston SC home will impress your guests, but it will also have a positive impact on your mood. Although most people put more effort into decorating the living room and kitchen area, the bathroom deserves the same attention.


Walls are a big part of your bathroom. Therefore, they should not be dirty or look dull. A simple coat of paint will freshen up your entire bathroom as long as you choose the right color. For example, go for light colors for the walls and darker, richer tones for accents.


You can get adhesive tiles that are removable, easy to cut, and install. You can remove them yourself without damaging the surface underneath.


To save some money, use leftover old magazines as your wallpaper. This is the cheapest way to decorate your walls, and it looks cool if you like the retro design.


Find waterproof canvas prints and make your bathroom a mini art gallery. Why not make custom wall art, perhaps using your favorite photos? However, make sure that "your art" on the wall does not collide with the wallpaper. It can easily be overdone with multiple colors and patterns.

Update your bathroom lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when reinventing your bathroom. The right type of lighting will make your bathroom look not only cooler but also bigger. This is good to know when decorating a small apartment. With outdated light fixtures and fluorescent lighting, you'll get weird-looking shadows and color tones on different surfaces. Although changing lighting fixtures shouldn't be too complicated, it's always best to leave electrical projects to the professionals. If replacing your light fixtures is not an option, be sure to choose bulbs that emit a warm light, similar to natural light on a sunny day.

Make extra storage space

This is one of those bathroom decorating ideas that are also very practical. Bathrooms are usually small and cluttered, and having all of your products on display makes the bathroom look messy. Fortunately, there are creative ways to introduce more storage space. For example, propping a wooden ladder against a wall adds more space to put your robes and towels. Adding pull-out drawers to the cabinet is another space-saving idea.

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