If I told you right now that you have to spray paint in the Charleston SC weather, would you do it? You may start to get cold sweats, and your body will fill with doubts.


Don’t be afraid of the spray! It’s simple and fast


Before starting, I will tell you that one of the advantages of spray painting is that you can paint irregular, complex, or difficult to access surfaces. For example, wicker, plastic, metal … Surfaces that, with other tools, are difficult to reach


Now surely, you already have more clear that your relationship with the spray can come to fruition. What if?


You just have to be clear about some basics for spray painting. Let’s review!


Read The Instructions On The Packaging


Each spray, each painting, and each brand can have different indications. It is better than you are informed and know the peculiarities. The packaging will indicate “instructions” for use.


Use The Spray Indoors


For spray painting, it is always better to paint indoors or protected from drafts.


Cover And Protect Nearby Things


Keep in mind that you must protect (with a sheet or a covering) the things that are around. When you paint with spray, it leaves dust that you will have to clean later.


Shake Before Using


You should shake the pot vigorously (for about 2 minutes) before starting to paint. Why? The heaviest components settle to the bottom and, by shaking the spray, we make it easier for all the elements to mix well.


Before starting to paint …


Do a test on cardboard and familiarize yourself with the spray. It is important that the first spray is not done on the part to be painted (it can cause splashes).


Pot Position


Keep the spray upright or slightly tilted. Never (never) in a horizontal position on the piece you are going to paint.


Consider The Distance


About 20 centimeters from the piece (just over a span). If you bring it too close, it will not fit you and will cause sags. And if you do it too far, the paint will reach the piece dry, and in the case of varnishes, the finish will be rough and/or whitish.


Clean Paint Residue From The Nozzle


To finish, turn the spray upside down and press the nozzle until the paint stops coming out.

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